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To Touch the Sky

Artist Statement

Watching a storm blow in, daydreaming imaginary creatures in floating cotton balls, counting the seconds to the sun’s disappearance, or numbering the stars; how can I not get lost in this sublime? I am intrigued by this personal connection and the associations made with the sky. As a child we are told we go up to the heavens when we die. Then there are breathless effects sunsets have on one’s psyche. Historically, stories depict gods residing in the clouds between the heavens and earth, and often I gaze up to whisper my prayers. Raised in the Midwest, one knows it can rain down a powerful force that was only seconds before a blue cheerful sky. For me this changing sky becomes a resting place for the meditative gaze, to project thoughts, and to stir internal responses. To Touch the Sky is a body of work where I can express these associations with the sky and clouds through gestures of paint.


To Touch the Sky

Metamorphic Reflections on the Liminal Spaces of Life’s Resonance

Contour of Contemplation: Poetics of Floral Abstraction

Hometown Series


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